Shawn Fureys' Hero Training School is an online place where you can get training in how to build better circumstances today for better experiences tommorow - and you'll learn how to protect them once built!

You see, heroism is a life management style.  You're probably familiar with how a manager at a job might have a certain style of management and that management style influences how they interact with day-to-day events, right?  Well, by taking the online hero training course you'll find the opportunity to develop the kind of management style that you'll need if your goal is to create and protect the kind of situational conditions in which human beings can be well and do well in life.  Ultimately, this program is right for anyone who sees themselves as an agent of positive change.

In the Hero Training Course you'll be introduced to reasons for living heroically, the knowledge you'll need to live heroically, the habits you'll want to develop, the tasks you'll complete as part of creating and protecting a 'good life' experience for yourself and others, the techniques you'll use in the process, the life management skills which will improve your odds of success, the kinds of strategies you'll want to use, and the support you'll need along the way.

Once you've taken the training course you may also want to become a member of The Hero Support Network - an online community of people who are building a better world - one situation at a time.

If you would like Shawn to come to your workplace or school to do a hero training presentation send Shawn an e-mail.

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Shawn speaking at The Hero Round Table  Conference in Brighton, Michigan. 2015
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