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About Me

1996 - Graduated High School

2000 - Completed Four Years In The U.S. Air Force (Honorable Discharge)

2006 - Graduated with a Batchelor of Arts in Psychology with a double minor in Sociology and Philosophy.

2013 - Created 'The Hero Support Network' - An Online Community of People Who Are Building a Better World.

2013 - Guest on 'The Hero Report' Podcast with Matt Langdon and Ari Kohen.

2013 + 2014 - Presented a 'Hero Training' Workshop at The Hero Roundtable Conference in Flint, Michigan.

2014 - Created Shawn Fureys' Hero Training School - A Place Online to Learn How to Succeed - At Helping Others.

2014 - Created 'Power-vs- Force' - A Blog About Different Types of Change Agents.

2014 - Created 'Built-For-Life' - A Life Management Course Taught to Inmates at The Maine State 'Supermax' Prison.

2015 - Included in                                               as One of 25 International Experts on Heroism Education.

2015 - Created Shawn Fureys' Life Success School - A Place Online to Learn How to Succeed - At Life.

2015 - Published the Create Your Life' Handbook and Workbook - Supplements to The Training Programs Listed Above.

2015 - Scheduled to Graduate with a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology

2016 - Scheduled to Speak About Heroism Education at a Heroism Science Conference in Perth, Austrailia.

How I Got Into Heroism Education and Heroism Promotion

Hi Everyone.  My name is Shawn Furey.  I am 37 years old and live in the U.S.A. - in Maine.  I first got involved in Heroism Education and Heroism Promotion back in 2010 when I saw a video about 'The Heros' Journey' on YouTube which had a link to Matt Langdon's website - The Hero Construction Company.  I immediately sent Matt an e-mail and told him that I thought what he was doing was amazing and said that I wanted to do that too - that is, that I wanted to teach people how to be more heroic in their daily lives.

Matt encouraged me to get involved in the heroism field and soon enough I was on my way to Flint, Michigan to attend an international conference on heroism.  One of the reasons I was so excited about discovering the work that Matt was doing was because I had spent the past few years working on a preventative behavior management program.  In other words, a program that might help a person to make good management decisions about their daily life circumstances and thereby allow them to avoid all those social problems that ruin so many lives; problems like substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and incarceration.

You see, in my relatively short lifetime, I've seen quite a bit of what can happen to people when they are not living heroically - I've seen 'bystanders' stand idly by, I've seen 'villains' try to coerce peoples' compliance, I've seen 'minions' allow themselves to be exploited for their resources out of fear of punishment, I've seen 'saboteurs' sabotage out of envy, I've seen 'politicians' refuse to enforce a standard out of fear of losing their approval-rating, and I've seen 'rescuers' rescue guilty parties from personal responsibility.  I grew up in a very toxic and dysfunctional family and I've witnessed the devestating effects that domestic violence, child abuse, and substance abuse can have on a family.  I couldn't do anything to stop all that as a kid, but like most survivors, as an adult, I can, and do on a regular basis.  I think that people who've seen the dark side have a special understanding of why heroism is so important - they may not know all the fancy words and definitions but they've got an intuitive idea of what needs to happen.  My goal, as a person, is to provide people who want to have a 'good' life with an education in the knowledge, habits, tasks, and skills associated with creating and protecting a good life for themselves and others.

Originally, I had called my program 'Life Management Training' but then it dawned on me that heroism is a life management style - it's the habitual way that some people approach and respond to their daily life circumstances.  So, with that in mind I set out to figure out what kinds of tasks 'heroic people' performed as they went about creating and protecting the kind of circumstances in which they and others could be well and do well in life.  As you can imagine, that whole process took me about six years to complete (working as hard and fast as I could during those free moments when I wasn't working a full-time job, working toward a masters degree, or raising a family).

Happily, now I have been able to create a way for people to get 'hero training' and 'life success' training online.  Hopefully, by taking these courses people will learn how to better help themselves and others to build and protect the kind of situational conditions in which human beings can be well and flourish in life.